Element not found during second loop

I have a simple submit data to 3 forms, reload the page and repeat cycle automation I use.

Everything works on the first cycle but when running the second cycle it says element not found for the forms I want to enter data to.

I already googled the problem and found that I should use inspect element on browser and then copy the xpath for the element manually. Did that… again - first loop works, second gives me element not found error even though when I inspect the element on the second loop it is exactly the same element.

What does the “selectFrame index=0” thing do? Maybe that has something to do with it. It is created automatically when recording the process.

I am going insane trying to fix this - it’s basically the easiest thing to do for automation and for some unknown reason it just doesn’t work…

I am using chrome and the site for testing is reddit.

I suggest putting in a delay or wait statement until the page is loaded and the element in visible. Your script may be going faster than the page loading.