Katalon Recorder 5.7.3 - Bug when pasting a step copied


Thanks for the new release of Katalon Recorder 5.7.3.

The feature copy/paste of a step is not correctly working every time. Sometimes when using it, the steps are not correctly pasted:

Hi All,

Version 5.7.3.

This update is no longer accepting keyboard actions (Tabs) to navigate between cells.
Cannot use keyboard to select multiple lines before copying. Requires mouse action.
I am way less effective coding in this environment.
I use keyboard actions and shortcuts to be effective.

Copy paste action does not work sometimes.

Please keep the keyboard actions working

I would love to be able to help you test Katalon before you release a new version.

I prefer the previous version.

Added : this version is much slower

Thank You.

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We changed up the editing experience so that user could input values easier. Please use key up/down to navigate between cells, and Shift + click to select multiple cells.

Hope this helps.

Thank You for your answer.

The Up and down arrows are not working on my version.
The Shift+Click does not work for me either.
The click selects the cell where the cursor is, the Shift does not add anything to the click action.

We could select and navigate in Katalon before by just using regular keyboard selection as we do in Excel. Tab , Shift-CTRL-Arrow Down, etc., it was a charm to work with.

Sorry, I am not liking this version.

Please try remove KR, then add it back to your Chrome. Maybe that’ll help fix the issue. I am able to select multiple cells by holding Shift + clicking on cells as shown below.


Hi Thank you again for your response.

You are selecting the side bar and then SHIFT+ CLICK, Yes it works.
Selecting a single cell and Shift +Click would not work though.

But that is not what I was referring to earlier, I am referring to lost of keyboard use only without mouse actions.

I was just saying that before this upgrade, we could select with the keyboard CTRL-SHIFT-Arrows to select multiple lines, go down with the arrow and PAste with the Keyboard. No Mouse.
Like an Excel spreadsheet.
This is nice and very effective.
Tabs no longer goes from one cell to the next. again we need to select with the mouse.
Sorry, this is not a productive upgrade for me.

I am way more effective creating and updating the code in NotePad ++ now.
This is a miss for me.

It looks nice though. But nice does not replace efficiency and speed.
Will keep using Katalon for a while to see if keyboard usability comes back, but no more creating and editing with your interface, will use it for tweekiing code only.

Again Sorry for the bad review. I like Katalon.
Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
Also a small comment: It’s not possible to select easily a part of the text in the cell: the double click select all the text and not just the word as it was in the previous release. Sometimes also there is a bug when selecting text and the test step is moved without any action for doing that.
The previous version was more suitable and more accessible to work easily and quickly and to be more efficient.
Kind Regards

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your comments and contributions.

If you want to select and edit a single cell, please click on the left side bar of that cell. The cell space is now designed for editing purposes of each individual section.

We are working on a fix and features like Ctrl + Shift + arrow, or Shift + arrow to select multiple cells will be included in 5.7.4 version. Using Tab key to navigate between cells will be included as well.

We will also fix the “double click to select text” that amadese mentioned.

Thanks again for using Katalon Recorder!

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