Katalon + Playwright AI future roadmap

I am exploring Katalon for Web, Mobile and Desktop application testing. Also currently started exploring the Playwright, which I really found to be a good tool. And as future roadmap is there any way to introduce Katalon with Playwright

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Thank you for letting us know your request. I found this integration with v9.3.1: Playwright integration | Katalon Docs. Can you please try?

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@shilpa.nasare The example that @Elly_Tran references shows how to submit Playwright test results to our TestOps platform. I suspect that you are more interested in the possible use of the Playwright engine for executing tests. We do not currently have that capability on our roadmap, but it is an interesting idea, and we do have some engineering prototypes.

What features of Playwright are most appealing to you? What features from Katalon Studio would you like to have access to from Playwright?


UI Mode | Playwright is available. I am sure that vendors will be jealous of the Playwright UI mode. Have you looked at that?

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