Is Katalon compatible with Playwright tests?

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My team is looking for a test management tool that can help us to execute Playwright tests and store the results on the cloud, while also allowing us to link with Xray. We are considering Katalon as it has Xray integration, but I’m not sure if it’s compatible with our Playwright tests.

Anyone know if we can use Katalon with Playwright tests? If not then any suggestion on any other tools that are compatible with both Playwright and Xray would be greatly appreciated!


As far as I know, simply not.

You should ask this question in more appropriate place; or search in Google more.

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Katalon is a selenium based tool and groovy/java only.
Playwright is using a different approach.
Altough Playwright have a Java wrapper alongside native JS / Typescript (and python and some others) so in theory it may be possible to write yet another Katalon wrapper to run Playwright testcases, such will be overkill.

Simply stick with one or the other, based on the needs.

Importing from one framework to the other is not possible.

As for Xray integration…
well, as far as I know Playwright can create junit.xml reports also which are pretty standard.
So, if Xray have a certain API/ tool to publish such (as any decent Test Management should support) you are set

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Hi @pedro.ramsey,

As @bionel mentioned, currently there is no way for you to execute Playwright with Katalon, it is a different framework than Katalon’s Selenium based. But I think you can store your data on the cloud if you are patient enough to upload your JUnit reports to Katalon because Playwright can generate report under JUnit format and Katalon support manual upload report with JUnit format.

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Hi @pedro.ramsey,

Unfortunately, Katalon does not support executing Playwright tests, it could be an item that we can think of in the future.

To manage Playwright test results in Katalon, you can upload your test results by manually importing your report into Katalon. Playwright supports JUnit report generation so it will be compatible with Katalon. Once the results have been uploaded to Katalon, you can use Katalon’s features normally, including Xray integration.

Hope this helps :+1:

Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed response and thank you so much for your comments.

Seems like as of now we’ll have to look elsewhere, although I’ll still keep my hopes up after reading the article below :crossed_fingers:

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