Katalon launched browser can't connect to internet

Using Katalon Studio, I’m able to specify a website URL and have Katalon fire up Chrome to open up the website and record all my actions. However, when I attempt to replay the recording (via ‘Run’ or ‘Debug’) the Chrome browser instance launched by Katalon doesn’t appear to have internet access and displays error “the site can’t be reached”. This if I attempt to open any site in that Browser instance. Manually opening the site works fine in a stand alone instance of Chrome.
I’m not going through a proxy. Are there any firewall or network setting that I need to configure to get this to work when running a recorded test case?


I’ve managed to resolve this by simply configuring Katalon to “Use system proxy configuration”. This is accessible via [ Window --> Katalon Studio Preferences --> Katalon --> Proxy]. I’m on Katalon Studio v5.3.0.


Thanks, It is resolved for me too.

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