Update Execution Result without uploading attachment


I’d like to update Katalon Execution Result automatically but without uploading an attachment to the according Jira issue.

Therefore I tried the possible combinations for the checkboxes at Project Settings - Integration - JIRA.

I found out that if I uncheck Automatically submit test result, no attachment is getting uploaded but neither the status is updated.

Is it possible to update the Execution Result without uploading an attachment?

Katalon Execution Result.PNG

KAtalon Integration settings JIRA.PNG

Please check if files can be attached to the issue using the same account.

Files can be attached using the same account.
I’m not sure if you understood my request correctly: What I tried to archive is updating the Status automatically but NOT uploading the files at the same time. The reason for that is that regression tests blow up JIRA in this case.

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Hi Paul, are you using JIRA cloud or server? Thanks

Hey Adam, We’re running Jira Server v. 7,12

I see, we are only seeing “test result” on the right instead of the “Katalon execution results” box that you are seeing, I think this is because we are on cloud. Which attachment are you getting? despite un-ticking the attach logs box.