Katalon-Jenkins-Browserstack integration

I am trying to integrate the Katalon-Jenkins-Browserstack. I have some questions regarding this.
This is the set up we have

  • We have a Jenkins slave machine where we kick start the test suites runs using Katalon docker. We will purchase a Devops RE after the current trial period. The tests will be running on Browserstack. I could run the tests on BS using CLI and docker using the desired capabilities specified under settings–>Desired capabilities -->Remote. Now my question is
    – Where do I specify if I want to run the tests via Jenkins? Can I create a properties file in the project and write remote desired capabilities in the file? Will Katalon recognise that?
    – Can I specify multiple capabilities(such as different sets of OS and browser combinations) so that the test suite will be run sequentially for each set of desired capabilities. Is it possible? If so, How do I do that?
    Thanks in advance!

Any solution any one?

Hi @jasmi,
I have replied to your email.

Thank you. I have just asked another related question in the same thread :).


what was the solution?

Did you come up with any solutions?

Can we talk more about this via email please?

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