Using Katalon from the command prompt and specifying desired capabilities

I’ve seen here that I can launch katalon from the command prompt.

Is there any way that I can specify the desired capabilities at the same time?



We too are very interested in this question. Our set up is that we wish to run Katalon in Console Mode in a Docker container on TeamCity build agents, to run test a test suite(collection) against remote browsers/devices on BrowserStack. We require to run the exact same set of tests on a number of different remote devices.

It would be possible, but very inconvenient to have to create a full copy of the Katalon project for each and every set of remote desired capabilities.
Can we somehow pass in the desired capabilities for each run from the command line script launching the Katalon container?

Have you got any solution for this

There is an option in Katalon 7.5 and above. Please have a look at the below commands:

-proxy.system.option=MANUAL_CONFIG -proxy.system.server.type=HTTP -proxy.system.server.address= -proxy.system.server.port=12701 -proxy.system.username=katalon -proxy.system.password=T3stP@zZW0rol -proxy.system.applyToDesiredCapabilities=true