How can I run Katalon test suites from command prompt for CI/CD?

In the Katalon documentation I cannot find information about how to run Katalon test suites from the command line.

Can someone please point me to the corresponding help pages?

Your answer is appreciated.

Instructions for building the console command are here:

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also the following post tells how to run the Katalon project in Jenkins

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Thansk for pointing me!

I need to run the same test suite collection on a number of different remote execution environments (i.e. sets of WebDriver capabilities).

I need to be able to create WebDriver capabilities set for e.g. Firefox/Windows10, Chrome/Windows10, Chrome/Android etc.and execute the same test suite collection on each of these sets.

How can I do this with Katalon Studio using the console?

The BrowserStack Integration page indicates that there is only a single set of WebDriver capabilities available.

In the Console Mode Execution page I can’t find an indication of how to select a set of WebDriver capabilities when choosing “-browserType=remote”.

Hi Power,

… BrowserStack …

I think the documentation at

is a bit outdated. The document is saying you should select the platform and you select the device; but you are not asked to select which browser to use (in other words you can not use browser other than Safari). However as the following article describes: Chrome on iOS now on BrowserStack , BrowserStack has enhanced itself so that it allows you to select Chome, Firefox on IOS. The following screenshot proves it.

Is it possible for you to set, in Katalon Studio, WebDriver properties to Chrome which runs on Browserstack? — I am not sure, but I suppose it is not possible. As Selenium WebDriver capabilities for running tests on BrowserStack. tells, you can specifiy some Capabilities which BrowserStack allows you to. However it seems BrowserStack does not allow you to directly modify WebDriver properties of Browsers which runs on BrowserStack.

If you stick to customizing WebDriver properties of Browsers on Selenium Remote Server, then, I guess, you have to make your own Selenium Remote Server and customize Chrome and Firefox on it for yourself.

If you want Browsers customized and you do not want to make Selenium Remote Server for yourself, then easiest way would be performing test locally. :cry:


My issue is rather related to Katalon Studio than to BrowserStack:

BrowserStack allows to address particular machines and browsers using sets of WebDriver capabilities:



"os": "Windows",

"os_version": "10",

"browser": "chrome",

"device": null,

"browser_version": "58.0",

"real_mobile": null



"os": "OS X",

"os_version": "High Sierra",

"browser": "firefox",

"device": null,

"browser_version": "26.0",

"real_mobile": null



"os": "android",

"os_version": "5.0",

"browser": "android",

"device": "Samsung Galaxy S6",

"browser_version": null,

"real_mobile": true



In Katalon Studio I’d like to store all these sets all at once and use one of these when calling Katalon Studio using the command line.

How would I do this with Katalon Studio?

@Damien_Harder hello, could you please help me with how to run the test suite through cmd using a 7.7.1 version.