katalon inspector different appium inspector on Android

Operating System

MacOS Montery

Katalon Studio version

version 8.6.5

Log Folder:

Environment (for Web Testing)

  • Browser & browser version

Environment (for Mobile Testing)

  • appium 1.22.3

there is a button on screen, if I use Katalon’s inspector(spy, record) I can’t get the button, but Appium’s inspector can get it.
I want to know why both different.
there is any solution?

html/sourcecode or any additional logs would be required for assisting further

that is what I want to get
It’s same objects on screen

(I want to get “e-staging” object)


katalon spy & record

so I can’t get that object with katalon, so what I need for?
like change platform-tools version to latest ?