Appium vs. Katalon

We’ve been using Katalon Studio to do our mobile testing for quite some time, and there have been a number of issues when testing on our iOS devices. Those include, objects that can be tapped on but cause no reaction, like textfields that open picker wheels, nothing happens. We also have elements that refuse to be recognized by inspector or manually editing an objects properties. A big issue we have is locating elements through their unique id’s. We have had our devs set automation ids for our elements, which register as the Name attribute for ios. Using this id alone will not be recognized by scripts.

Now, to try to overcome these issues our team decided to try creating scripts separate from Katalon, through Appium and Java. We wrote a basic script to test out these issues and see if Appium is the issue - since Katalon uses Appium. Well it turns out that Appium can register elements through their unique id, and can tap on elements that couldn’t be tapped on through Katalon. Why is this? Doesn’t Katalon run on Appium??

This is a huge issue for us as we chose Katalon to make test script writing easier for QA, and so those without coding experience can have a hand in on the job. I believe Katalon is doing something to their code that is causing this disconnect between some of Appium’s capabilities. Whatever you can do in Appium alone you should be able to do with Katalon! If someone has an explanation to this, or even a solution please feel free to reach out. I just want this post to reach Katalon staff so they can possibly make adjustments for future versions at the very least.

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