Capture button not showing

I have installed appium and all the prerequisite software when I run the apk file I am not able to find the capture button. My Appium version is 1.10.0 and later I downgrade to 1.8.1 still face the same issue.
please help urgently.

Hi @nazneen

Here are the steps you can follow to capture objects using Katalon Studio’s Mobile Object Spy:

  1. Start a new Test Project (if you haven’t already)
  2. Start an Android emulator
  3. Click the Mobile Object Spy button in Katalon Studio (the one that looks like a target and a mobile device)


  1. Select your emulator and the .apk in the Mobile Object Spy window:

  1. Click the Start button in the Mobile Object Spy window. This will start the app in your emulator as well as showing a Device View window in Katalon Studio.
  2. To get the Device View window in sync with the emulator’s view, click the “Capture Object” button in the Mobile Object Spy window (you’ll need to do this any time you change screen or interact with the emulator).
  3. You’ll see a hierarchical tree listing of all of the elements on the current screen.
  4. Click the checkbox to the left of the element you want to inspect or save.
  5. You’ll see the details that Appium/Katalon knows about that object.
  6. If you want to save the object for use in tests, click the “Add Object to Repository” button in the upper left.

Hope this helps,