Katalon image is not having latest chrome browser


I checked that the latest stable chrome browser version is 80 (UbuntuUpdates - Package Search (all versions of google-chrome-stable)), but my scripts are getting executed in chrome version 77 in docker.

Could you please tell any solution as how can I execute in latest browser?


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Hi @libra.soumya17

Please refer to the documentation: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/handle-webdrivers.html#replace-selenium-library

This is about the driver, I mean chrome browser.

I think Docker will pick up the version of the chrome browser on the same machine. Is your Chrome browser up to date ?

Yes, in my machine it is updated.
Also im executing test inside docker, and I checked in katalon docker, the following code is written:

which means it should pick up latest chrome version, but it is using chrome 77.

that, in fact, means it will pick up the version available when the docker image was built. so check also when the docker tag you are using was generated

or … build your own image and you should get the up-to-date browser


yes, got it.
Thank you.

Hi @libra.soumya17 , i am facing the same issue. Can you please provide steps on how you resolve it.