Katalon docker image 7.9.1 does not work with chrome 89

Hello There,

I have docker image 7.9.1 and been able to install chrome driver 89 but why i am getting this error when running the tests in docker:

I have katalon 7.9.1 and chrome 89 in my machine, there the tests runs fine.
Why it fails in docker. Any idea?
I know its because the chrome is 88 and chrome driver is 89 my tests are not passing but why i am getting the error when it works fine in the ide.


In the docker container, which version of Chrome browser do you have?

Hi @kazurayam, i had chrome 88 which i have updated but ended up with this error now:

My chrome version is : 89.0.4389.90-1 and chrome driver 89.0.4389.23. There is no stable version of chrome 89 apart 89.0.4389.90-1. What i am thinking is maybe because the two versions are not exactly the same so my tests are failing. I tried with chrome 89.0.4389.90 and it did not work as well :frowning_face:
Anything i can try?


How did you checked these versions?
Did you write a shell script to retrieve the versions and run it in the docker container? Or any other way?

I suppose you should be skeptical about the Docker container setup. I have a doubt that you may have 2 or more binaries of Chrome installed in the Docker image, but you are not aware of. You checked the version of one installation and found it was OK, but your test executed the other Chrome installation which is older version; so the error occurs — such thing could happen.

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