Katalon Expert Certification

Hello team,

I am trying to get the Katalon Expert Certification and I am just missing the following task:

  • TestCloud Tunnel configuration for executions in a private domain: 0/1.

Can someone explain me how to do it, I was trying, but I see that it is necessary to pay TestCloud, is there a way to do it for free? I have a Studio licence

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I will loop @viet.nguyen here for support

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Hi @jhilario,

For this requirement, you will need to set up what is called a TestCloud tunnel and schedule a test execution with such tunnel via TestOps. You can refer to this doc for the steps: Local testing with TestCloud in TestOps | Katalon Docs

Unless you’re still in your trial period, you will need a TestCloud license to meet this requirement. One way to do it for free is by taking advantage of the Kudos Rewards Scheme to earn a free TestCloud license. More information here.

Hope my answer helps.

Thanks for your answer, So the only way is through Kudos. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You can also buy a licence :smiling_imp: