Want to edit .gitignore and README.md in Katalon Studio


Almost all of my Katalon Studio projects have .gitignore file and README.md file as the following screenshot shows.

I put these two files because I save the project into GitHub.

But I can not edit .gitignore and README.md with Katalon Studio. It’s a shame, I have to open another editor such as Emacs or Atom in order to edit README.md.

I hope Katalon Studio enables me to edit README.md with markdown preview plugin such as https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/github-flavored-markdown-viewer-plugin-eclipse


How to reopen README.md files
Eclipse Project Explorer tab in Katalon Studio



Can someone explain that screen then?



Preferences > Team > Ignored Resources — I have no idea what it is.


Well, from my prospective that screen was designed to modify the .gitignore file. Since this screen has no effect, maybe it should be disabled until feature is fully functional.


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I want to say this again.


@duyluong @Dung_Ngo Please track this request.


I use “GitHub Pages” to write a documentation for my projects.

For example, I created this page with GitHub Pages.

In order to do so, I often create <katalon project dir>/docs directory where I locate more *.md files , and I create <katalon project dir>/docs/images directory where I locate *.png files that are refered by *.md files.

So, I want to edit, withing Katalon Studio GUI, those *.md files under <katalon project dir>/docs directory as well.