Katalon doesn't capture any objects on the Internet Explorer

Katalon Studio works well on Chrome but doesn’t capture any objects on the Internet Explorer. Is there something wrong with my settings? I am a new user of Katalon. Need help!

I am facing same issue. Need help on urgent basis.

Have you done this?

Yes I have already done all this setting step by step & checked twice. While recording browser is getting open but click actions not getting captured.

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i am also having the same issue. is there any solution for this?

Is katalon providing solution or not

were you able to solve it?



Yes but…

If Microsoft can’t decide, what are users meant to do or even think? :roll_eyes:

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Here a lot of government offices uses only IE, even though they beg they will not change anytime soon.


I am also facing the same issue. Were you able to resolve it? I need to make sure IE works in order to support our users