Katalon console starts in a new window and exits immediately

We’re trying to integrate our Katalon tests into our CI server to run the test automatically. When the tests ran we want to upload them to Katalon Analytics to analysis.

To do this we’ve made a powershell script that executes Katalon in console mode. Like this:

& "$($katalonDirectoryName)\katalon.exe" -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -projectPath="$($projectPath)" -testSuitePath="$($testSuitePath)" -browserType="$($browserType)" -email "$($katalonAccountEmail)"

This works, but opens another command windows which shows the Katalon output. The script continues immediately to upload the report (which doesn’t exist yet).

& "$($katalonDirectoryName)\jre\bin\java" -jar .\katalon-report-uploader-0.0.1.jar --kit.server.api="$($katalonAnalyticsServer)" --projectId="$($analyticsProjectId)" --path="$($projectPath)\Reports" --email="$($katalonAccountEmail)" --password="$($katalonAccountPassword)"

It seems like katalon.exe spawns another process. How can we make sure Katalon won’t get run in another window and returns the proper exit-code?

Turns out this is some weird Powershell behavior. The windown still opens but Powershell can be made to wait by appending " | Out_null" to the command.