Keep Katalon running in between Console executions


Is there an option to keep Katalon studio running in console mode?

I want to run multiple test suites via console execution and I don’t want Katalon to close after every test suite and then start again for the next one.

Test suite Collection is not an option since I don’t know what suites are going to be ran and they change every time.

-noExit parameter is only to keep the log opened as far as I understood, not the Katalon studio itself.

@Ismar, unfortunately, we haven’t supported that functionality. Katalon Studio is just kept running under a test suite/test suite collection execution in console mode.

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I hope that you will consider adding something like this in future. We have a lot of test suites over multiple browsers that are run daily. We are losing some time (not much though) on Katalon startup time and closing down. It would be nice to save that time.

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