I keep getting error when closing Katalon Studio, last one after update wiped some progress:(


I keep getting error when closing Katalon Studio even after short session. After 5.8.4 update i lost some progress after this re-occured

Log attached to topic



It also occurs when Katalon was ran as admin

Hey Stefan,

Please try to update to Katalon Studio 5.8.6. Let us know whether the issue persists.

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I’m getting this error with 5.8.6. Never had it before. Only occurs when exiting Katalon Studio. Doesn’t matter if it’s a long session or short session, I always get the dialog that says an error has occurred. And I never had this error with any previous version.


Hi all,

This issue will be fixed in the next release 5.9. Thank you guys for your information.



I updated to 5.9.0, but I’m still getting the error when I close Katalon.

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Seems like it’s fixed in 5.9.1(: at least for me

Stefan Bogasiu said:

Seems like it’s fixed in 5.9.1(: at least for me

Please disregard previous reply. Issues still occurs, another log attached. Seems that usage time is relevant. After prolonged usage issue still occurs but not with 100% repro rate as before


I haven’t seen this error in earlier versions, just in this one. So usage time seems really relevant.

I kept getting this issue too when I close/exit Katalon Studio. I thought this was resolved in latest version (v5.9.1). Behaviour is random/intermittent though. Please see attached log. Thanks!

new.log (463.0 KB)

Exact same issue here. Happened when I updated Katalon Studio to latest version. Please advise. image

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Hi JM_Adan,

Could you send us the log file that was mentioned in your attachment?


@duyluong Here is the contents of the most recent log file

Hi @JM_Adan,

This log is about KS 5.8.3, please upgrade to Katalon Studio 5.10.1 (our latest version) to check again.

Thanks for your reporting.

Hmm that’s weird. I already updated to 5.10.0 recently before I get this error message

Issue was solved when I manually downloaded the latest version of Katalon Studio. Thanks @duyluong


@duyluong I face similar issue after updating katalon to version 8.1.0. I have manually downloaded new version. But how can I retrieve my old test cases in new Katalon. It looks new without any projects. Please help me to get my pervious data.

Hi Kparekh,

Since you update new version, the old files can be migrated from the katalon folder follow this page https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/katalon-studio-preferences.html#import-preferences
If this doesn’t work kindly send the log, we will have a look

Thank you,