Katalon capturing incorrect Video

I have just started learning Katalon studio. I am facing Katalon video capture issue.

While executing test suite in Katalon, it capture video of Active window instead of running browser. It should capture running browser video.

I’ve reported here before, video is captured only from the primary display/monitor. Do you have more than one monitor?

Hi @Russ_Thomas i use two monitors but logically shouldn’t the video be captured in the browser where the test is running? Its normal to use more than one monitors.

I am using katalon 7.7.2. Shouldn’t katalon capture the video where the tests is running.

I think this should be thought on unless there is a reason why this cannot happen.


Unfortunately, this topic and thread are outdated. As you say, modern Katalon editions are able to record browser-based activity.

I’m closing this thread since it’s so behind the times.