Katalon Studio Video Recording Fails to Record Correct Screen(s)

The screenshot API manages to capture an image from the correct position of the browser wherever it may appear on the desktop and whatever monitor it may be displayed on.

However, the video capture facility does NOT – all it does is record the same screen/monitor where the browser is first launched which is not necessarily where it may end up.

Background info:

My AUT is a large and fairly complex ASP.NET application which uses popup windows which can appear in many and varied positions over the entire desktop screen space. When a failure occurs, the recorded video rarely shows the screen of interest – in development testing, it shows me a nice rendition of Katalon Studio, which, frankly, is pretty useless.


If Katalon were to use something like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) then I am sure WebUI could be extended to provide APIs to control video capture from within Test Cases (or, if that proves too difficult, set properties for OBS in a project).


docs Welcome to OBS Studio’s documentation! — OBS Studio 27.2.4 documentation



On a connected note: video recording also fails to capture video when the user screen is locked. This makes video capture useless for remote or scheduled execution (at least for me - my organisation has a strict clean desk policy - unable to leave my computer unlocked overnight).

Maybe something could be done in this regard, too.

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Come on guys. This is silly. Can you fix this?

Callouts - Since I’ve received no official response to this…

@devalex88 @YoungNgo @ThanhTo @duyluong

And let me make it clear, video recording do not work AT ALL on my setup because of this issue.

I think it is not high on the list, all i got was black screens and a cursor pointer… first hit i found on el google when checking if record works.

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