Katalon blocked a new member account

We’ve added an account to our team…
after few days, the account got blocked by Katalon? We’ve tried changing pw and resetting…but Katalon seems to remove it from the team and prevent login. The account is valid in katalon.com
and the account was accepted into the team.

Can someone reach out to me why this happened?

@sara.leslie @vu.tran

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Thank you @Russ_Thomas for sharing with us.

Hi @ashraf.madina, could you help verify your account before adding your team. You could find steps to perform below:

Please let me know if it works for you.

Thanks, I think it worked.
But why is this process so ambiguous? That user verified their account several times from the email sent… then got blocked after few days with no clarity as to why. Top of that, they are to login to the site and go to user pref and verify the email…again?

This process can definitely be lot better. If QA folks can’t figure this out, then it’s not a good process.

Thank you for your sharing, this type of feedback helps us constantly improve products and users’ experience. Please let me know if you need any other help. Cheers!