Katalon agent log retention and duplication in "testops.katalon.io/organization" every docker restart

Hi all,

we’re using katalon agent docker container, latest image 2.2.0, after the upgrade from 1.7.5 we’ve noticed that every time we restart the docker container a new row appears in the “Organization Setup” page in testops, maybe due to ip change? Anyway before upgrading we haven’t this issue, can you help me?

Then I would like to know if there is the possibility to retain agent log, I didn’t find any environment variable suitable for this task.




Welcome to our community. I would like to suggest some ways to deal with your problem:

  1. “Org setup” row appears: I guess you can register agent by hostname instead of IP: Create a local test environment with an Agent | Katalon Docs.
  2. Retain agent log: I suggest you create Docker volume to store logs outside the container or use external log management tools (Splunk) to store Agent logs.
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