[Katalon TestOps] Updates on New Concepts & Terminology

Hi all,

Please be informed that there will be updates on some terms in Katalon TestOps. Major updates are listed below.

Old term New term
Schedule Trigger
Execution Test Run
Test Project Script Repository
Plan Test Run Type
Job Test Session

The changes will be effective on Katalon TestOps UI from Jan 19, 2021.

Please visit this document for detailed definition/usage and updates on Katalon TestOps Terminology.


Katalon TestOps Team.

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If TestOps becomes a paid-for service, I will encourage my team of 7 automation engineers, 30 manual testers and 50 developers to cease its use.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, your response to that article is very much mistaken.

It’s about TERMINOLOGY, not pricing.

Hi @Beo, @devalex88 and @Russ_Thomas,

I have question/comment about the TestOps “Test Environment” column in the screenshot below. I think it should be called “Agent”.

I think calling the TestOps Agent “Test Environment” is misleading. I use an Agent to execute tests but it is the Katalon profile that has the application test environment or URL in my case. I can execute any test-run on any agent but ultimately, the “Environment” comes from my profile.

I would argue that the Katalon Profile should have it’s own column; I.E. “Profile”. That way I can execute a test-run on any agent for a specific profile. I can’t imagine anyone testing such that the physical PC (Agent) is the actual application environment or am I misunderstanding the how I should use my TestOps Agent?

Even if I use Docker images, my application under test is another server accessed by URL given at run-time.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Russ. Please direct me to the community forum post regarding TestOps pricing and features roadmap and I will kindly direct my feedback there.