Katalon Addon for Chrome

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I just installed Katalon studio and I tried doing the Record and Play for Chrome but I encountered a pop up error saying “This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 77 etc.,”.
I already installed the Katalon Recorder add on in Chrome and setup the preference to 50000 but I’m still encountering the issue.
Can anyone advise on how I can get past this error?



HI @lenie.ann.s.lim

Go to Tools > Update Web Driver > Chrome. It usually resolves this problem.

can you help me!

I have Katalon 7.5.5 version and I do not see Utility Addon to configure the active browsers port. Is this help applicable to version 7.5.5 ?
I also do not have 1. Team Colaboration 2. Kobiton 3. Team Collaboration apart from 4. Utility Addon. Please advise

It’s here

Open the browser (Chrome or Firefox) and enter the URL http://seleniumhq.org/. This would navigate to the official Selenium headquarter website. Then, go to the “Download” page, which contains all the latest releases of all the selenium components.