Failed to Record using Chrome

Hello there,

I was using Katalon for about a month now,

Yesterday I updated the Katalon application to the latest version, then today I tried to use the recording using Chrome but it gives me an error,

session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only support Chrom version 74,

My Updated Chrome installed on my PC is version Version 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit),

Is that the reason why I cant use the recording using Chrome in Katalon? what should I do then?

Try to update your Chrome Driver

I see that many users have found this issue due to the new updates from the Chrome Browser recently.
You need to update the ChromeDriver based on the Chrome browser version; the correct version number should be found here: ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome - Downloads
There is a simple way to make these updates automatically by stick on the “Automatically update WebDriver” option from Preferences > WebUI menu.


what Chrome driver should I installed?
I already have the Chrome 76 which is the updated one

The last one 76.0.3809.68

The option was checked but I had the same error before I update the driver manually

ChromeDriver 76.0.3809.68 vs Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) should work perfectly. I have tested it from my side.


@sang . Thank you . It is work well ( Both of your tips : Preference Web UI & Chrome Driver 76.0.3809.68 )
@HeleneB That is correct : The last one 76.0.3809.68 ( Your link work well )

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Hi Sang,
I too am having this issue and I have the latest version of Chrome. When I navigate to the link you provided and I click on one of the versions of the Chromedriver to download, I am not given an option for Win64bit. It only is supplying 64bit for Linux and MAC, But Win version is only 32bit. Any idea where I go now ?

@Joseph_Coverstone Its best to set update auto for drivers.

Then just give Katalon a restart and see if it works ?

Not really sure how I would go about doing that.


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You rock! thanks. That worked out.

Thanks for the solution

Worked for me, Thx

hi all, there is a new webdriver since 2019/11/30

Also in the new version of Katalon (7) you only have to go to Tools/ Updat Webdrivers. There, select the browser.

HI All,
I am working on Windows and facing the same issue with chrome
I am using chrome 76 but could not able to find proper chrome driver as the current one is not available in 64 bit windows.
Please help me from where I can change the chrome settings to that automatically update the driver.
Please help me with this.