[Katalon Academy] Cross-Browser Testing Made Easy With Katalon

You can design your test projects and generate test scripts with Katalon Studio, orchestrate and manage testing activities with TestOps, and expand your test executions for CI/CD integration using Runtime Engine. But it doesn’t stop there.

Now, with the new TestCloud added to the Katalon platform, you can further enhance your test automation experience with cross-browser testing on the cloud.

Join this free course for how-to: Cross-Browser Testing Made Easy With Katalon - Katalon Academy

This course explains the advantages of using Katalon TestCloud over other options and demonstrates the simple steps to integrate within the Katalon platform, set up cloud environments, run tests and manage the results.

In three chapters, you will learn about:

  • The common use cases and unique benefits of using Katalon TestCloud
  • How to integrate TestCloud to schedule and run tests with different operating systems, browsers, and browser versions
  • Introduction to TestCloud tunnel, how to configure, and use it to run tests in a private domain

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