The Motivations and Expectations for Katalon TestCloud

You can design automated tests with Katalon Studio, execute tests via the command-line interface with Katalon Runtime Engine, orchestrate and manage test results with Katalon TestOps.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Now, with Katalon TestCloud in place, you can further expand test executions to cloud environments. Let’s have more insights into this product.

Special thanks to @chien.trang - a developer in the Katalon team for sharing the information and his thoughts.

The Motivations for Katalon TestCloud

The environment setup is a nightmare for both development and testing teams. In many cases, coding a feature only takes one working day, but the setup for multiple environments and devices for testing may take double or triple the amount of time. Not to mention the extra time, effort, and resources to maintain and update these environments afterward.

Also, it’s quite obvious to see that many businesses and enterprises are moving their testing activities to cloud environments. Some of the big names include Apple, Slack, Github, Kroger, and Tesla, just to name a few. The reasons for this migration vary from cost-efficiency, scalability, accessibility, availability, data matters, and maintenance to enhanced team collaboration.

And particularly for Katalon users, we see there’s always a demand for cloud environments, especially when they have a large set of test scripts or want to run tests in a CI/CD pipeline. Before TestCloud, users need to integrate with a third-party platform to run tests in cloud environments. However, the process can be time-consuming and hasslesome.

The Value of Katalon TestCloud

TestCloud can be easily integrated with other components in the Katalon platform (which are Katalon Studio and TestOps). You can schedule or run tests immediately on predefined cloud environments without heavy configuration and maintenance.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can easily integrate Katalon Studio with TestCloud:


In TestOps, you can also integrate and schedule test executions on cloud environments:


For more detailed information about TestCloud integrations:

Furthermore, for data-sensitive businesses, Katalon TestCloud offers security-enhanced private domains for testing. With the use of a TestCloud tunnel, users can securely connect their local resources to the TestCloud server. As a result, tests are executed in a restricted cloud environment, avoiding unwanted access from the global network. Only users with authorized API keys can access such testing environment.

For more information about the TestCloud tunnel, read this document.

The Expectations for Katalon TestCloud

Currently, the functionalities of TestCloud are quite basic and only serve cross-browser testing. So, there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement. Some of the expectations or expected features to develop include:

  • More options for operating systems and browsers for web testing (like macOS and Safari);
  • More options for scheduling test suite collections
  • Mobile testing or cross-device testing
  • Support for other test scripts created by other tools like Cypress and Playwright
  • Enhanced test execution speed

In the long term, we expect to create a go-to cloud platform where companies and users can confidently move their testing and quality assurance activities to.

:point_right:More about TestCloud: About Scheduling Test Suite Collections on TestCloud

Hope this article helps you get more insights into our products and roadmap. You can try out the full capabilities of TestCloud for free (a 30-day trial when you create the first organization in TestOps). Get started from here.