[Product New Release] Katalon TestCloud Trial Launch


Dear Katalon users,

Proudly introduce Katalon TestCloud - Katalon’s cloud-hosted automation testing solution that offers:

  • Multi-browser and OS compatibility
  • Native integration with TestOps and Studio
  • Effortless setup and maintenance with ready-built configs
  • Flexible test environments (local agents, Kubernetes, CircleCI)

Start your free trial and enjoy an immersive testing experience with Katalon TestCloud.

As always, feel free to reach out for any questions and technical concerns.

Happy testing,
Katalon team.


Hi. Is the future goal from TestCloud also to offer mobile device coverages, like browserstack does? My use case would be to open websites on a variety of mobile devices (android/iOS, tablets, different versions,…) and run the same tests we currently have for dekstop browsers.

Hello @joost.degeyndt. Thanks for the interest. Yes, we’re working on supporting mobile testing right now, similar to BrowserStack or SauceLabs! It should be available in the upcoming months.

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