Katalon 7.2.1 Windows Application Object Renaming Issue

Operating System Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version 7.2.1 Build 1

Katalon Studio logs

  • Windows logs folder: Logs Logs does not show any information related to the renaming error.

  • Application : c:\Windows\System32\win32calc.exe

Steps to reproduce

  1. Record the Windows Application Action, create a sample test and object repository for windows calculator app addition feature
  2. Rename a windows element object in the object repository

Expected Behavior
Renaming a windows object in object repository should reflect in Test Cases.

Actual Behavior
Renaming a windows object in object repository does not reflect in Test cases, the test cases start failing as they refer to old object repository path.

Screenshots / Videos

After rename, the object reference path in the test case does not get updated.

Script View

Thank you for reporting, I have logged an issue to our backlog.

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