Katalon 7.0.0 Rc2 Testsuit not run

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Katalon Studio Version: 7.0.0Rc2 32Bit

Katalon Studio logs:

Katalon700r2.log (4.8 KB)

Environment (for Web testing):

Browser and Browser version:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start Katalon Studio and create a new Project
  • Create some testcases (Copy paste one)
  • Go into a Testsuit and add all Testcases
  • Run the Test Suit
  • see no test execution

Expected Behavior:

Test execution does start.

Actual Behavior:

Test execution does not start shows error in the eventlog.

Screenshots / Videos: (please attach screenshots or videos if necessary to reproduce the issue)

TestExecution.zip (56.4 KB)

just for my curiosity … why would somebody want to use 32 bit apps in the actual era … when mac, major linux distros and m$ too are dropping the support of this arhitecture?

As the 64 Bit version did not worked i rolled up the 32bit version and gave it a try in the hope it would execute. As simple as that :smiley:
But for the real case: there some build agends that run on systems that uses 32bit and that cannot be replaced by IT as of now. Sometimes things have to run on older systems as you would like to :sob:

Hi @Jens.gr

Can you share us some logs of the Console during an execution. We found that the execution0.log was not generated then there was no report in this case.


Hi @duyluong that is the problem i think, it failed to generate something there to be able to generate the report. The log is the log of the full execution. where nothing was created :confused:

Please show us the Console tab

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that’s ok, i know the feeling. i was just curious why you use the 32 bit on your system, since it should run just fine the 64 bit … ignore me.

Restarting the PC seems to have resolved that issue. I keep an eye on it.
So Closed / Rejected :slight_smile:

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that made my day :)) the good old reboot!

Well if Java is stuck it si stucks, and there is nothing to fix it. Funny / sad that yesterday restarting the application did not help but today can’t reproduce.

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