Jump from failed step to failed step


I would like also a icon with a arrow to the right and a red cross

it would indicate: show everything but jump from failed step to failed step (starting from the top)


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Hi @valentijn.peters ,

Thank you for letting us know your concern. To better support such a request, please help follow the format of Feature Request which as:

  • Search for similar topics to make sure it hasn’t been submitted by another member;
  • Give your feature request an informative title;
  • Give the context following the template:

Request description : Describe the context of the feature request

Benefit for user :

Number of users impacted : how many people (estimation) will use this requested feature ?, is there other customer who will use this feature ?…

Benefit for Katalon : business opportunity, …

Business impact if we don’t accept the request :

  • Use suitable tags (katalon-studio, katalon-testops, etc.) so that your topic can be searched and sorted more easily.
  • And most importantly, encourage other members to Vote on your topic so that we can prioritize your issue(s) better!

Without a detailed description of the request and its impact, we cannot fully help you process this request other than back and forth discussion. You can find this template when creating post with tag Feature Request. Thank you!

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I’m on a busy schedule, but… I will see what I can do!