Jira Plugin Integration

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Katalon Execition Result is not update on JIRA server.

Is there any way to MAP JIRA tickets to test case in Katalon without using JQL.
Following is my test case folder structure in Katalon.

Test cases


  • Module A
    - 1. Test case 1
    - 2. Test case 2
  • Module B
    - 1. Test case 3
    - 2. Test case 4

    Now in JIRA I have created 4 issues for each test case when I import them using JQL, all 4 test cases are imported in same folder thus I am loosing the modular structure.
    Secondly, If i create test case first in Katalon, then I am not able to map that script to any ticket in JIRA. “Integration” tab for a test case is read only.
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