How To Export Test Cases in Katalon Studio To Jira

Hello fellow Kataloners,

I have read the documentation on katalon-jira integration but it only mentions about importing Test Cases from Jira to Katalon Studio but right now I need to export Test Cases in Katalon Studio to Jira. Is it possible?


I don’t understand what you mean by saying “importing Test Cases from Jira to Katalon Studio”.

I think that Jira has no idea what a “Test Case” is. I believe that Jira never runs a Test Case = a Groovy script.

It seems that you use a term “Test Case” to mean something different from the Katalon terminologies. I do not see your wording.

Could you tell me the URL of “the documentation on katalon-jira integration” ?

Could you quote any sentence that describes how you can import a “Test Case” from Jira to Katalon ?

Could be the OP may use a certain plugin for Jira implementing this, e.g. Xray:

Or it may use a custom issue type.
Anyway, aside that this is not a Jira native feature, I doubt katalon do support or will ever support such.
And I see no benefit of it.
Katalon should focus on supporting code-first wokflows, not specification-first (as it currently does with testrail integration).
I am not sure what workflow is used for integration with Jira, I never tried.
Using a proper Code-first integration will provide real benefits, the user will focus only on creating Katalon testcases which would be automatically created if missing and updated on the TestCase management tool side.
With a Specification first approach, the tester should double the work (create them first on the Testcase Management tool side, and then re-create and start to implement it Katalon side)

The two workflows are best described here, by testrail:

Looks like Katalon is using an own-developed Atlassian plugin for this integration, and the workflow is not spec-first
@nasarudin does this help?

If i understand it right, you can only retrieve projects and issue types, and further, ‘test cases’ are created in Jira at execution.
see also: Generate manual test cases with Jira integration | Katalon Docs

Here is an example of a test case from Jira:

Jira integration URL :

A snapshot of how you can import test cases from Jira to Katalon in the documentation:

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Thank you for your clear and informative explanation. @bionel.

Anyway, I am using the Jira plugin provided by Katalon as in the documentation. The plugin can only support importing test cases from Jira but cannot push the test cases in Katalon Studio to Jira

On another note, since I cannot push the test cases in KS to Jira, is it possible to map the test cases in my Katalon Studio to the test cases in Jira?

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Thank you for the information and links.

well, the doc is amibguous here.
i would expect, if the katalon test cases have the same name as the jira issue, when a test is executed a certain ‘status’ should be updated jira side, but is totally unclear how this integration is supposed to work.

After importing test cases from Jira to Katalon Studio, you can view test results and submit tickets to Jira.

But is tottaly unclear if this reffers only to issues with BDD fields or to any jira ticke.

note that … i never used this, so i am just guessing. @vu.tran any idea who can explain how this feature should work?

Tagging @xuan.tran here - our APM on Katalon Studio - who may be able to provide us with more insights.