Jira install problem

I went to the Katalon Store to find and install the “Jira Integration” plugin. It seemed to work because when I pull up the My Plugins>Installed Plugins window, I see it listed as Category=Integration, Type=Enterprise and Status=Active.

Now, when I go to the configuration section of the documentation, it tells me to go to Project>Settings>Plugins>Jira. Well, Jira is NOT listed. All I get is a Page with “Katalon Studio will download plugins from” with 3 selections listed underneath: “Katalon Store and Local”, “Katalon Store” and “Local”. “Katalon Store and Local” is selected.

I have Katalon Studio version 8.2.5 loaded and build 208. Can someone let me know if I’m doing something wrong?

Additional information: I just shut down my laptop completely and when I brought it back up and restarted Katalon, I saw 2 new entries under Project>Settings>Plugins, “Applitools Integration” and “Report”. But still no Jira.