JIRA Plugins not working

Hi All,

I have a free version of Katalon 7.4
I downloaded the JIRA Plugin from the katalon studio.
From Tools Menu → Install Plugin ->I uploaded the Jar.
I still don’t see JIRA option in plugins.

Please help.

Hi @sriharsha.karanth,

Let’s try put the .jar file to the Plugins folder in Katalon Studio with the following structure:



 |___ platform

         |___ IDE plugin 1.jar

         |___ IDE plugin 2.jar

         |___ ....

         |___ IDE plugin n.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 1.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 2.jar

 |___ ...

 |___ Custom keyword plugin n.jar

After that, reload plugins to see the plugin in the list.

Note that Jira plugin is an IDE plugin so you need to create the Platform folder and put the plugin into it.

Hope this helps.

Hello Sir,

That worked . also I tried another option of “reloading” the plugins too.
so overall a combination of your method and others worked. Very grateful.

Now I have run into another problem .
I have integrated the JIRA. But

  1. When I click on “Import Test cases from JIRA SQL” I don’t see any of my test cases. In fact I have 3.
  2. I have configured my JIRA Settings . But when i run my script it is not automatically updated in the JIRA Page. I have do it do it manually.

I have selected to “Automatically” do it in the JIRA settings in Katalon Studio.
In the JIRA config page (or Settings under project -> i have validated that everything is good)
Can you please help or should i raise a new topic for this.

Thank you.