Jira Plugin from Katalon Store not Working in Enterprise Edition

As stated in the title, I have an upgraded Studio account to Enterprise which should include Jira Integration plug-in but I’m given the following message:

I’ve tried the following here:

  1. Refresh my plug-ins
  2. Reinstall the plug-in
  3. As seen above check and see if my Enterprise edition is indeed active.

Nothing has changed this on ridding the ‘Expired’ status. Any thought on this?

I have the same issue. Have you got any solution to it? @AFK_Keys

Could anyone help here @Katalon_team

Hi @AFK_Keys, @rajeshri.zade

You guys can raise this question to the Katalon support via Zendesk.

Hi There,

I experienced a similar issue. Seems Katalon has changed the way plugins were installed and used eralier. The steps in video might help you. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eVdwPTtdzVY2VyLtdX-aVqI6Sl_oeIPW/view?usp=sharing

You might have to download and watch the video.