Jira Data Center 9.12.x Support and Katalon BDD - Test Automation for Jira App

Is there going to be support for Jira Data Center version 9.12.x and up? If not what options are available to replace the app. Migrating from Jira cloud to DC.

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We have the guide for integrating Jira Data Center over here. Which problem are you facing?


The problem I am facing is the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace website: Katalon Studio and TestOps integration does not support Jira Data Center 9.12.2. The plug-in from the Atlassian market place is incompatible. See screenshot below:

Will there be a release to support future versions of Jira Data Center, starting with Jira DC 9.12.x?




We have recently released the new version 9.12.x which is compatible for Jira data center. You can find release note here: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-platform/release-notes/katalon-testops-release-notes#march-13th-2024. Thank you