JIRA 7.12.3 and Katalon plugin comptibility


Is the Katalon BDD - Test Automation for JIRA compactible with th JIRA version 7.12.3???

It is unclear on the marketplace is see Jira Server 6.4 - 8.0.0.m00xx-beta.

Is this beta version stable or unstable??

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Marc Antoine

They are Jira versions that the Katalon plugin can run on - not the plugin version. Jira 7.12.3 is in the range between 6.4 and 8.x so the plugin will work well.

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OK, I have installed it. and it is running perfectly on JIRA 7.12.3.

Would it possible to have a field which shows numbers of “Runs”?

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Thank you for the suggestion. Just to clarify - did you mean an ability to see how many times a JIRA issue had been executed?