Katalon Studio and TestOps integration for Jira (Server)


Atlassian marketplace has stopped selling Katalon Studio and TestOps integration for Jira (Server) licenses.
Does anyone know if there is a way to purchase a new server license key from Katalon ?
Thank you for your help.

@vu.tran can you help here?

i doubt katalon staff can do anything.
jira server is planned to be EOS soon (forgot the exact date, may be 2024 or even 2023) so it make sense for atlassian market to end support for any app for this flavour.
if your company is still running jira server, time to reconsider and plan the migration.
note that, the process is not trivial.
for our company, the process took ~ 1 year from the moment we started to research until fully migrated to cloud, and we involved payd support from migration experts.
you have been warned!