Jenkins not executing Katalon Test Case properly

Hi there,

Recently I set up Katalon KRE to run on a machine using Jenkins. For some reason, Jenkins won’t completely execute my Test Case, which on my local computer works flawlessly start to finish.

Jenkins executes the Test until a point where it seems a web page isn’t completely loading, showing me the headers of the web page, but a blank space where the web page contents should be. I tried a lot of various methods to find out what the issue could be:

  1. Verifying that the Web page can be loaded fully on the machine by going to said page manually in Chrome
  2. Adding Wait for Page Load
  3. Adding Delay
  4. Set Portviewsize to 1920x1080
  5. Turning Smart Wait on and off
  6. Turning off xpath auto healing

But it seems the page won’t load fully whatever I try. As far as the error log goes, the error that stops the entire Test Case from running is an object error. The object of course can’t be found because the page won’t load fully.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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I wonder how you fix this if you did. have the same problem:

Having some scripts in jenkins headless or simply headless not working properly, with the UI they work PERFECT. those scripts I have running in headless mode are ignoring dynamic wait and smart wait.
Ive tried the following:

  • wait for element visible , tried 300 sec
  • wait for element clickable, tried 300 sec
  • wait for element present, tried 300 sec
  • smart wait
  • increased project settings overall time out set to 2000 and its like katalon ignores it.
  • resolution args 1920,1080
  • maximize windows
  • refresh
    no success.

my environment:
Browser: chrome
katalon version: 7.4.0
Web software tech: AngularJS 1.5

Didnt have this problem with earlier versions.

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Hi pgonzalez,

Unfortunately, the problem stills persists on my end.

Coincidentally a colleague had a great idea of simulating a headless test case inside a local Docker container, that way he could troubleshoot what caused the errors using the browsers’ Devtools, as he could see “live” what was happening.

In any case when I manage to fix this, I’ll report back here :wink:


Ill try with earlier versions and see what is the outcome, for the moment tried with 7.4.0 and 7.3.0 and same error. Thanks for your update.

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