Jenkin deploy Testsuit of Katalon ( Failure )

Hello Man

Everyday My Jenkin run Success

Today My Jenkin run failure Testsuit of Katalon

  • ‘katalon’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

Everyone know to help


cd command points to invalid path due to Jenkins log: The system cannot find the patch specified. This lead to the consequence that katalon command can’t be executed.

Please double check the folder path you use in cd command first and pass in correct path where katalon.exe resides there.

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Hello Vinh

Thank you
I check cmd for katalon.exe OK

The system cannot find the patch specified : is Over
But Jenkin run so long ( Everyday it run just 37 second )


Thank you

Jenkin deploy done

Please remove -consoleLog parameter from katalon command when executing on CI servers so that they will display Katalon Studio logs directly in the Console Output window. You will better know about execution progress and why does it fail.


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Sometime Katalon open new project , it unable to close current project