JDBC connection failure

I have performed every task to configure jdbc drivers and database setting. What i have done:

  1. downloaded jdbc drivers using “mssql-jdbc-8.2.1.jre11.jar”.
  2. added driver location to system path.
  3. copied Auth file to “D:\Katalon Studio\jre\bin” from from jdbc installation AUTH folder x64.
  4. added bin location to system path.
  5. added “mssql-jdbc-8.2.1.jre11.jar” to katalon External Libraries project settings
  6. configured Database project settings:
    • user = domain\userid
    • password = **********
    • JDBC driver = mssql-jdbc-8.2.1.jre11.jar (as instructed by MS SQL Docs)
    • connection url = jdbc:sqlserver://server:1433;databaseName=database
  7. Press “Test Connection” and the connection fails with error below:

Connection failed! Loginfailed for user ‘domain\userid’. ClientConnectionId:guid

My DBAs confirmed all Server and Port and syntax is correct. I can connect manually just fine. What am I missing? Can someone please HELP!

same problem

Hi @akennedy, @parin.p,

To connect to MS SQL using Windows authentication. You guys also need to add this param to the connection URL: “integratedSecurity=true”