Katalon freezes all the time

I tried Katalon for API tests, and honestly, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed my time with it.
It has many bags and freezes (Macbook Pro 2019, 13.2.1, with the latest katalon version). Regarding editing in the manual view, every change on the table views (profiles, variables) does not save changes without clicking out of the current raw. If I try to “Open declaration” and navigate among classes, Katalon does not respond. And I have to restart it every time. Also, the fact that test objects, cases, and suites are in XML format makes the Code Review process difficult. When it comes to API tests, I would like to have request and response payloads as JSON, but Katalon does not provide any convenient way to work with JSONs, especially in Data Binding. I couldn’t recommend this product to those who have experience with any modern code-based framework.

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I feel your pain.

Your post reminded me of a long-remaining bug of Katalon Studio. So I created a new post about it: