Issue with KRE license : we can no longer run our auto tests via Jenkins

Hello all,

Since last week, we have no longer been able to run auto tests using license KRE with jenkins.

We had a KRE license here but now we see 0.

Could you please help us resolve this issue?

Thank you.

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From the log message, you had a trial (valid for 30 days usually) which now is expired.
So now you have to purchase a permanent one.
Or if you already did that, update the API token in your pipeline.

Thx for your reply.

No we don’t use a trial version. We have been using a runtime license purshased by our company last year. I think the problem we have now it’s that the license has expired but we don’t have any information indicating that in katalon testops.

So we will purshase another one.

Thank you.

per the doc here:

only the Owner or Admin of your organization is able to handle it.
Hope it helps.