Is there any way to replace an Object Attribute from a value set in an excel sheet during runtime

Hi everyone. Is there any way to replace an object attribute with a value from an excel sheet during runtime?

I have an iframe object and want it to use it in different environments and it works by changing an attribute value but now I have to make it change by taking the value from the excel sheet. It is possible?

I would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Hi there it’s possible to pass in a value from an excel sheet into your Test Object through parameterization and data-driven execution. Here are some docs to get you started.

Once you have parameterized the objects the next step is to take a look at data-driven execution.

In particular the sample project

@ThanhTo Thank you so much!! you saved my day. I was able to do it by using the parameterizing test objects and global variables.

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