Is it possible to quickly change test data?

Hey everyone !

I have recently been working on a test scenario with lots of input fields. The data for the input fields is done through data driven testing with an excel sheet.

Now the thing is whenever I want to change some fields for testing purposes I need to make a whole new excel sheet and change every single input field to that new excel sheet.

I have the feeling I am doing something very wrong here. Is there a fast way to edit this data?

Thanks in advance!

I have not personally used the plugin but I believe there is a way to read and write to excel files.

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Hi, the easiest way would be to copy/paste to your spreadsheet if possible? Then save the spreadsheet…
The only reason to change scripts would be if the spreadsheet file name is different, or worksheet changes. If you can avoid that by copying to the existing file then all should be good.

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Thanks! I needed this!

Hello Funkey,

If you want to change the values during the test, I think that this topic will help you: