How to parameterize values to TestObject in Object Repository

I am trying to you Katalon as Record and play for the first time after a long time of working on the script level. My project is very short and can’t spend more time in scripting. The application I am working on is full of forms that have Textbox, checkbox, radio buttons, and dropdown. For that, I need to set data-driven from excel sheet. So my requirement is how can I parameterize the values that I read from excel to the TestObject XPath which are added to the Object repository (not using makeToXpath)

Let say I have the XPath for Radio button

in the script, I have to use the test object as‘Page_/radio_btn’))

in the above XPath, I need to replace the text value No and also the data-bind value isLastEmpPresentQuestion to some other values in my variables. First is it possible to parameterize?

Thanks in advance


Yes. It is possible.
You should follow this tutorial:

@ThanhTo, thanks for your reply, but that didn’t help me on how to change the values for radio buttons specifically. also I am reading an external excelsheet by using poi.apache

Hi @vtanguturi

Please check out the document for parameterizing web objects and see if it’s what you need.


Actually, I got it working in different way. Thanks though @Jass