Read test object from excel in katalon studio

Hi All,

I have created xpath for all the test objects in out application and stored in excel sheet corresponding sheet with page in app. I don’t wont create any test object. I wanted to use the that excel sheet in @keyword for each object. is it possible to read the test object xpath from excelsheet in keywords?

check here for creating testobjects at runtime:

and here for data-driven approach:

Thank you ibus!

My question about not testdata from excelsheet, it’s about to keep all the xpath in excelsheet and read for selenium code to automate the webUI testing. Is it possible to do for java or Groovy code?

Yes. that’s why i gave you two links.
So, bind the testdata to a suite, using a public variable declared in testcase.
In the testcase, build your testobject following the guides from first link.
When you execute the suite, it will run once for each row (xpath) you have in it

Other option is to use findTestData to grab the content of your excel sheet by sheet and row by row and build your objects.

Or simply use any known method to read an excel file, searching the forum will give you plenty examples